The Most Effective Way to Treat Dog Urine Lawn Burn

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? We all love having them around, from the smallest of Chihuahua’s to the largest of Great Dane’s. There is a problem with them though, unfortunately it can be difficult to toilet train them, and just teaching them to go outside might seem like a victory. But once you begin to see what dog urine can do to your lawn, your jubilation will quickly fall to pieces. Patches of your lawn will, over time, turn yellow and brown as your dog continues to use the area as a toilet.

You can stop problems from appearing, or from worsening beyond the degree of damage already down to your lawn, but you will need more information about what dog urine does to the area, and then you will need to figure out solutions that will help you, your lawn, and most importantly your dog! Check out some useful ideas below that you can implement for a beautiful, healthy lawn!

Understanding the Problem

It is important you know how the damage occurs before you learn to fix it. Dog urine damages your lawn primarily because of the high nitrogen volume it contains. While a small amount of nitrogen is actually a fertilizing agent and promotes grass growth, the over-abundance of nitrogen in your dog’s urine causes the grass to begin burning and turn yellow, eventually brown. If you felt a real need to test the theory, using too much fertilizer of any kind in one particular spot of your lawn will yield the same results.

Factors That Make Lawn Burn Worst

There are several factors that can worsen your lawn burn, and it is important to recognize that your problem may be more severe for any number of reasons, even ones that don’t involve your dog! Water is a hugely important factor as plenty of it in your dog’s diet can dilute the nitrogen content of the urine being spread onto the lawn, and plenty of watering to your lawn can equally spread this nitrogen out more. This means if you live in a drier climate, your lawn may be more susceptible to damage. However, some factors are more significant and have to do with your dog itself…

Dog Size Matters

Another aspect of your dog which may be causing more damage to your lawn is their size. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple to follow; if your dog is larger, then it will urinate more, and therefore more urine will be damaging your lawn as opposed to a smaller dog, which will urinate less and damage the lawn less. Similar to how a larger dog is more likely to cause chaos inside your house, it is more damaging to your lawn.

The Female Dog Myth

While many people maintain that female dogs are likelier to cause lawn damage, there aren’t as many factors to do with what kind of dog you have as you would think when it comes to the amount of damage they’re causing to your lawn. It is true that females squat while urinating, which means they are urinating in a smaller, more concentrated spot on your lawn, while male dogs urine is usually spread over a wider area. As such, many people make the mistake and perpetuate the idea that female dog urine itself is more damaging to your lawn than that of males, when in fact it is once again simply about the concentration of the urine on your lawn, and not the urine itself, which is different in nature in any way. Whether your dog is male or female, the solutions to fixing your lawn will be the same.

Lawn Sensitivity

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of factors to do with your lawn itself that can increase the problems you will have with dog urine lawn burn spots. Besides the water content that your lawn receives regularly, the amount of stress and damage caused to your lawn by other factors like regular use can affect it. Additionally, you need to check that alternative problems like lawn grub aren’t in fact to blame for the discolored spots on your lawn. If you notice the burn spots appearing in areas your dog often urinates, or if there is an outer ring of brightly green grass around the burned spot as a result of diluted urine, then you can be much more certain these areas are the result of dog urine damage.

Common Remedies That Won’t Work

While a lot of common household recipes have been suggested online, they generally won’t work. From drastic changes to your dog’s diet to baking soda, which can help in some ways but will damage your lawn separately as it is a salt, there are no home remedies outside of simply watering the dog urine down further that can really help with the situation. Your lawn needs professional care if brown spots have already formed.

The Most Effective Dog Urine Treatment

The most straightforward approach to eliminate dog urine from your lawn is to reduce and remove the nitrogen that originally burned out of the grass, and See Spot Run does just that!

Spot Run Lawn Spray contains organic microbes which work on your lawn to repair damage and prevent brown spots. Dog urine is rich in nitrogen, but it can be too much when it comes to your yard. The essential microorganisms in this product will help to ensure that there are no brown patches left behind. Our lawn grass saver repairs, restores, and prevents lawn grass burn by healing the brown and yellow spots created by dog pee. It neutralizes the soil's high nitrogen levels, allowing new grass, sod, or seed to grow. Our goal is a green lawn for every dog owner!