Frequently Asked Questions; asked by customers like you, answered by the experts!

How can I apply See Spot Run to get the best results?

  1. Shake bottle well and attach your hose to the end of the bottle.
  2. Move the dial on the sprayer to the On position
  3. Apply evenly across your lawn for total coverage, with heavy focus on damaged spots
  4. Lightly water in after application to ensure the product reaches deep into the soil.
  5. Repeat application a week later to maximize the benefits.

How much product do I need to spray onto affected areas of the lawn?

See Spot Run is a powerful concentrate that works when mixed with water. When using our hose-end sprayer, we suggest lightly covering all parts of the lawn, while applying a little concentration to the areas that are already visibly affected and/ or areas that you know to be regularly targeted areas by your pets.

What is the best water to solution spray ratio?  

For the best flow rate and results, we recommend setting the dial to 3 oz. of See Spot Run per 1 gallon of water.

How often should I apply See Spot Run?

For best results, apply at the first sign of new damaged spots and reapply every 2-4 weeks. We also recommend applying See Spot Run at the beginning and end of every growing season to maintain and preserve lawn health. 

How do I know that the solution is working? 

  1. See Spot Run works in the damaged soil to correct the problem to allow new seed, new sod or the filling in of healthy surrounding grass in the affected area, so you may not see any immediate results. 
  2. See Spot Run is designed to cure and prevent dead spots. It will not bring dead grass back to life, that will have to be treated and replaced.
  3. Depending on the environment, the application takes about 2 weeks until you can see new growth. 
  4. If you still do not see improvements, please call us at 1-720-507-5168 and we will work together to get you the best results.  

I’m having trouble getting it to come out correctly, what should I do? 

  1. With the water turned off from the source, attach the "male" end of the hose into the hose-end adapter on the See Spot Run bottle and screw it on until firm.
  2. Make sure the adapter on the sprayer is in the OFF position when you turn the water on from the source. 
  3. Move the dial on the sprayer to the ON position, which will allow the water from your hose to mix with the See Spot Run product. Please note that the WATER position bypasses the product completely and only allows water to flow through the sprayer.
  4.  If no product is coming out, check that the dip tube in the bottle that is attached to the hose sprayer and ensure the tube is clear of any material that might stop the flow of the product.

How to apply when Reseeding/ New Sod?

With installing new sod, we recommend clearing out the affected area, planting the new sod/ reseeding, applying See Spot Run, and lightly watering it in. Repeat application a week later to ensure that the microbes can neutralize the high nitrogen levels in the ground and provide a healthy place for the new grass to germinate and grow.

Will See Spot Run interfere with my other fertilizers?

As long as you apply application within a few days apart, there should not be a problem. We have found that, with our natural ingredients, you will not need as much of conventional fertilizers. The key is to get the solution in the soil after application with watering and let our microbes do their magic.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us at 1-720-507-5168, or email hello@seespotrunlawnprotection.com.

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