Reviving a lawn damaged by dog urine


Dog urine is one of the worst enemies of grass, and can destroy your lawn completely if you don’t fight back. The issue is that dog urine contains too much nitrogen for your lawn to endure. If you are battling with a dog's urine-damaged grass, don’t worry, there is a solution! It’s possible to save your lawn with some attention and care. In this blog, we will help you restore your lawn and revive damaged grass from dog urine spots using See spot Run products.

Remove damaged grass

Rake the soil to remove the old, dead grass from the dog’s urine spots on your lawn, and loosen the first one to two inches of the soil. Occasionally, the dog urine spots on your lawn will be so bad that you might have to pull out the dead grass and reseed. This is only for the most severe of dog urine spots, when the grass has turned brown and cannot be saved. If your dog urine spots have made grass even greener than the rest of the lawn, you can find more information here. 

Neutralize the dog urine

Though many chemicals claim to neutralize the dog urine spots on lawns, the best way to neutralize the effects of dog urine in your grass is to water the affected area deeply. If you spray water on the affected areas with a garden hose as soon as your dog urinates on your lawn, you can avoid severe damage from occurring on your lawn and is the most effective treatment. However, if dog urine spots have already appeared, it is too late to treat the spots with water alone. Curious if the other solutions that claim to be able to neutralize dog work, check this article out.

Apply See Spot Run to repair the soil

Sometimes, the damaged soil under your dog’s urine spot might not be able to grow new grass. In that case, you must treat the area with See Spot Run so that new grass can grow in that area.  If reseeding, make sure you keep your pet away from the affected area for some time, as grass seeds take time to germinate and grow in the damaged zone. If you are searching for new ways to prevent this sort of dog urine spot on your lawn in the future, click here for more information. 

Water the area every day

For the next two weeks, you want to continue watering the affected area thoroughly, in addition to keeping your pet away from it, so that the patch has plenty of time to germinate and repair the growth. It’s also worth noting that yellow patches on your grass, while likely caused by dog urine spots, could also be the result of grubs or lawn diseases. A simple way to check is to pull one part of the affected patch before deciding to repair it in this fashion. If the grass comes out easily, it is likely not dog’s urine spotting, but if it is difficult to pull, then it may just be the work of dog’s urine. 

Use See Spot Run Grass Reviver on new trouble spots

Prevent new dogs urine spots on your grass and bring your lawn back to its ideal health with our See Spot Run Grass Reviver. All of your dog urine lawn spots can be fixed effortlessly with our sprayer. While we can’t bring dead grass back to life, damaged spots don’t necessarily need to be torn up every time. Slightly affected areas can be treated easily with our grass reviver spray, while heavily damaged areas may still need the treatment we have described above. After you treat the soil, replace with grass seed as necessary and provide plenty of water, you should begin to see the benefits of our grass reviver on your lawn

Every dog owner will know how harmful dog urine can be for a lawn; it contains nitrogen and other elements in high concentration that can burn your grass. A great way to combat this is to apply a lawn treatment like See Spot Run. It will protect your lawn against your pet’s urine and make your lawn look lush and green again. If you need any further information about how to protect your lawn from dog urine spots, take a look at more of our blog articles below, or check out any of our products here on our website to see if we can help you with any of your dog urine lawn spot needs!

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